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Graduate Nashville | Branding Session

Getting to know fellow creatives and creating a community with fellow creatives is so important. I am very thankful that I have started to form one since moving to Nashville. Learning new things and grow in your profession is so important and I believe having a community of like minded creatives allows for so much growth.

Kendra is a fellow photographer and we recently met up to talk all things photography and play around with our cameras. She suggested that we check out the Graduate Nashville and I am so glad she did. They have a one of a kind lobby that is so much fun to shoot in. We decided to do our branding session in the lobby and I love the lighting and all the amazing colors.

Branding sessions are so much fun! I highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to put a personal touch on their website, email, blog content, social media, online shop, and/or marketing materials to do one. I think of branding sessions as an upgraded headshot that truly allows you to shine and be more personal with your targeted audience or client. Most headshots do not tell a story or are personalized to that person, but branding sessions are! I will list fellow creatives and professionals down below that would be perfect for branding session! I host a couple of branding session events a few times a year so if you are interested definitely reach out and I will send you the dates and prices! (Dates and spots are limited, first come first serve basis)

Just a sneak peak from Kendra’s session! More to come in the next coupe of weeks. I just could not wait to show you!

Creatives & Professionals:

Creatives, Graphic Designers, Freelancers, Authors, Artists, Hair and Make-up Professionals, Event Coordinators, DJs, Fitness Experts, Personal Trainers, Real Estate Professionals, Realtors, Restaurateurs, Boutiques Owners, Interior Designers, Reporters, Flower Shop Owners, Attorneys, Healthcare Professional, Small Businesses (with more to show than head shots), Etsy Shop Owners, And MANY MORE!

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