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Once I rebranded earlier this January I was so excited to perfect the way I share my sessions with everyone through blogging. I did not realize I would have to start my blog from scratch from the last one. Haha So today I’m sharing one of my favorite types of sessions… Newborns!! These are some of my favorite little clients that I get to capture. Since this is the first blog about Newborns why not show you my very first newborn session EVER!!

Mara was my very first newborn I ever shot (so many years ago) and I still am so in love with her session. Here is a little sneak peak of her session. I will have to say though I have learned a lot since this session and am so thankful for the ability to continue educating myself and bettering my skills as a newborn photographer. Newborns are one of my favorite sessions to offer so stay tuned as more newborns will be featured on the blog!

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